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Stay Fully Covered With The Help of Our In-House Strata Insurance Specialists

Our fully qualified team of expert insurance managers take the hassle out of insuring your property. From finding and securing the right cover, to handling the (often complicated) claims process, we’ll find a solution to fit your corporation needs.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for Insurance and by using a variety of insurers we’ll find the best value and most appropriate cover for your common property. At the end of the day, you get to choose which insurance company and what level of cover you want.

Tailored strata solutions by Strata Data

Even Self-Managed Corporations Can Use Our Insurance Services

Not all corporations may want to take advantage of our extensive body corporate management service. If you are part of a self-managed corporation, you can still access the benefits of our comprehensive insurance services to ensure you’re fully covered.

We assist with everything from organising cover to managing claims, so your property and your corporation is insured for your total peace of mind.

Find the right strata insurance for your building

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We can help you with

Strata Title Insurance which is general cover for common property.

Community Title Insurance for all community grounds for the whole of the complex.

Tenant related risks such as loss of rental income or damage to your contents and building by tenants.

Protect your owners corporation and the personal assets of all lot owners including extra cover.

Lowered Levies & Cost

Our group located in Burnside has been managed by Strata Data for over 25 years since 1989. Over the past 3 years, Strata Data has helped arrange major …

Hilary Twiggs, Presiding Officer. Corporation | High Street & Lockwood Road, Burnside

Prompt Response Provides Assurance

We have appointed Strata Data to act as our Body Corporation Managers for a property we own situated at 150 Esplanade Brighton. They are currently the Body Corporate …

Antonia Drusian, Owner. Corporation | 150 Esplanade, Seacliff

Well Informed Of Changing Regulations

Strata Data have been brilliant in helping to run and manage our Strata group in both consulting on regular on-going issues and also the annual meeting and financial …

Grant Phillips, Presiding Officer. Corporation | 242 Trimmers Parade, West Lakes

Effective Finance Management

I have nothing but praise for Strata Data who have managed our Body Corporate since our multi-storey apartment building was completed in 2011. Our dedicated Body Corporate Manager …

Adam Hopprich Corporation. Adam Hopprich Corporation.

Cost Reductions & Legal Matters

Liberty Towers changed Body Corporate Managers to Strata Data at the beginning of 2010. We found a new sense of professionalism, objectiveness and independence in the people at …

Garry Smith, Presiding Officer. Corporation | Liberty Towers, Glenelg

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