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Strata Compliance & Legislation Management

When it comes to compliance, no one likes wasting time trying to understand legal jargon. What’s more, if you don’t have experience in this area, there’s also the added risk of getting something wrong.

Strata Data operate with a team of body corporate specialists who are dedicated to providing timely advice and keeping clients up-to-date with the latest legislation that impact Strata ownership. There are literally hundreds of pieces of Strata compliance & legislation that affect community living, including Health and Safety laws. Our team of experts will ensure that any decisions made on behalf of your body corporate comply with all relevant statutory obligations.

We Keep On Top Of The Paperwork For You

Strata Data are body corporation specialists with over 40 years of experience in Strata compliance and legislation management.

We take the stress out of keeping your body corporate compliant and operating efficiently. Strata Data’s team will assist in putting together your by-laws, house rules and/or regulations, and ensure they are appropriately applied. In addition, we can and will handle any disputes that may arise.


In the ever-changing legal landscape, we will keep you up to date with the latest developments in Strata and body corporate legislation.


Compiling your property By-Laws and ensuring they are complied with is a massive job requiring legal expertise and specific experience with Strata compliance & legislation.

Health & Safety

We will ensure all Health and Safety laws are complied with by both residents and contractors.

Get your documentation and reporting into shape with us today.

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Our group located in Burnside has been managed by Strata Data for over 25 years since 1989. Over the past 3 years, Strata Data has helped arrange major …

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Prompt Response Provides Assurance

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Well Informed Of Changing Regulations

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Effective Finance Management

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Cost Reductions & Legal Matters

Liberty Towers changed Body Corporate Managers to Strata Data at the beginning of 2010. We found a new sense of professionalism, objectiveness and independence in the people at …

Garry Smith, Presiding Officer. Corporation | Liberty Towers, Glenelg

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The Strata Data Difference

What sets Strata Data apart from other management providers is our dedication to our customers across Adelaide and South Australia. Strata Data is built on the sentiment ‘people over profit’; implementing the ethos at all times. What this means for our valued clientele is that we’re always ready to work hard for their advantage, particularly when it comes to Strata legal and compliance matters.

Strata compliance management is a complex area that body corporates will generally not be able to face with confidence without expert advice. As a specialist Strata management company, no one is better positioned to advise in this area than Strata Data. There’s nothing we don’t know about Strata management overall; as such, the advice we provide is always in line with current laws and regulations and will be to the best advantage of the body corporate.

With over four decades of experience, we’ve seen the body corporate industry change over time, adapting our business and services along the way. Now operating with more than 70 dedicated staff members representing 1,200 corporations and 11,000 units/apartments, we can assist you or your body corporate with any Strata compliance and legislation management issues you may face.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Involved in Strata Compliance & Legislation?

In the world of Strata, there are an abundance of compliance issues faced by body corporates and property owners. As legislation continues to adapt and change over time, working with a Strata management company like Strata Data means relying on a team of experts to oversee all compliance and legislation requirements you may encounter.

As your Strata compliance experts, we work across a range of solutions for owners and occupiers. Strata compliance and legislation management means providing guidance across fire safety, work health and safety, insurance valuations, sinking fund forecasts and all other legislation that impacts Strata and body corporate. 

What Is Strata Management?

Strata management is the management of both the day-to-day concerns and long-term operation of a shared property by a company employed by the body corporate. In theory, the body corporate could manage its own property, but most opt to employ an expert Strata manager who will save the owners time, money, and stress.

Your Strata management provider will take care of everything from maintenance of common property and facilities, to handling disputes between owners and other parties, and managing the body corporate’s finances.

A Strata manager will also provide expertise for a variety of other concerns faced by Strata properties, including experience and knowledge in the area of Strata compliance and legislation management.

What Is Body Corporate?

A body corporate refers to a body of owners that manage the common property of a residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use property. The common areas of the property are those that are not on the title of any one particular owner and include stairs, paths, elevators, lobbies, pools, driveways, common garden areas or any other facilities set up for use by owners and occupiers. The body corporate’s sole purpose is to successfully manage these areas.

Is There a Difference Between Body Corporate, Community Title, and Strata Title?

Often used interchangeably, the terms Strata Title, Community Title, and Body Corporate all refer to the form of ownership governing a certain community or apartment building. This type of ownership was devised specifically to help govern townhouses, units, land-divisions and more recently multi-level apartment blocks that have potentially thousands of owners living in close quarters.

The confusion around whether to use the term Body Corporate, Community Title, or Strata Title is related to changes in legislation. In South Australia, any building built before 1996 is on a Strata Title and anything built after that year is on a Community Title.

What Do Strata Levies Pay For?

Strata levies, also known as quarterly payments, pay for the maintenance and running costs associated with common property including cleaning, insurance, utilities, landscaping, and specialist Strata management services, including Strata compliance management.

Strata levies for individual owners are normally calculated as a percentage calculated according to the ‘lot entitlement’ set out in the strata or community plan.  The lot entitlement is the portion, or ratio, of the unimproved value of a lot as against the sum of the unimproved values of all the lots.

What Happens If There Is a Dispute Between Members of the Body Corporate?

If there is a dispute between members of the body corporate, then your Strata management company will be able to advise the best way forward. At Strata Data, our team of Strata experts are locals to the area of Adelaide; so, they have a solid understating of local State legislation and can provide sound advice to resolve all issues in a timely fashion.