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From modest beginnings in Adelaide over 40 years ago, Strata Data has grown into Australia’s leading provider of Community Strata developer services, supporting more than 1,200 corporations and 11,000 apartments across South Australia.

As one of the first Strata management companies in Australia, Strata Data is an industry leader uniquely placed to assist you in establishing your next property development.

We know what great communities look like; by engaging us early in the planning process we can help you avoid costly mistakes and the resulting frustration down the track.

We’ll be on hand at any stage during construction to assist with registration and compliance. And when the development is complete, our in-depth knowledge of the project will make us the perfect partner to help establish your new body corporate as well.

Better Spaces Are Easier To Sell

As experienced providers of Strata developer services, we know first-hand that the basic truth is: better spaces are easier to sell. Our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t will allow us to help you to make the most of your site from the very beginning.

Making the most of your land and layout means your development will sell quickly, as it will be highly desirable to a wide range of buyers.

We provide solutions that maximise sales and enhance the living experience for the occupants. Make your development one that people can’t wait to live in and you’ll achieve better margins from higher-value sales.

Let Strata Data show you how to strike the right balance between the needs of the developer, landlord and resident, every time.

Lowered Levies & Cost

Our group located in Burnside has been managed by Strata Data for over 25 years since 1989. Over the past 3 years, Strata Data has helped arrange major …

Hilary Twiggs, Presiding Officer. Corporation | High Street & Lockwood Road, Burnside

Prompt Response Provides Assurance

We have appointed Strata Data to act as our Body Corporation Managers for a property we own situated at 150 Esplanade Brighton. They are currently the Body Corporate …

Antonia Drusian, Owner. Corporation | 150 Esplanade, Seacliff

Well Informed Of Changing Regulations

Strata Data have been brilliant in helping to run and manage our Strata group in both consulting on regular on-going issues and also the annual meeting and financial …

Grant Phillips, Presiding Officer. Corporation | 242 Trimmers Parade, West Lakes

Effective Finance Management

I have nothing but praise for Strata Data who have managed our Body Corporate since our multi-storey apartment building was completed in 2011. Our dedicated Body Corporate Manager …

Adam Hopprich Corporation. Adam Hopprich Corporation.

Cost Reductions & Legal Matters

Liberty Towers changed Body Corporate Managers to Strata Data at the beginning of 2010. We found a new sense of professionalism, objectiveness and independence in the people at …

Garry Smith, Presiding Officer. Corporation | Liberty Towers, Glenelg

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Community and Strata Management for Developers with Strata Data

Backed by our in-house experts in finance, insurance, information technology (IT) and human resources, we’re equipped to deal with any Community Strata or property issue you face. With our four-person dedicated Community Strata developer services team, backed by a team of over 70 people based in Adelaide, South Australia you can be confident you’re in safe hands.

Located in the inner-city suburb of Glen Osmond, we’re proud to provide solutions that maximise sales and genuinely enhance the living experience of future occupants. Ensuring that your property is one that residents look forward to being in is the first step in increasing the opportunities for higher-value sales.

With an intimate knowledge of all parts of the process involved in registering a Community Strata plan, the team at Strata Data are here to help from day one. Backed by four decades of experience, our team of experts will guide you through the process from the moment you purchase the land intended for development, to the moment you’re ready to start selling, through to practical completion, hand-over and beyond.




Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Involved in Strata Developer Services?

Our Community Stata Developer Services team provide advice to property developers in all phases of the project, including the early planning and design phases. This collaborative approach works to pave a smooth path through administrative and legal processes and ultimately means developers create successful developments that are appealing to buyers. When the development is complete, the Strata management company will have firsthand knowledge of the project, making them the perfect partner to help establish the new body corporate as well.

Here at Strata Data, we understand that each development opportunity comes with its own goals. We’re here to make sure that we help bring your vision to life. Our expert team provide ongoing support and guidance from conceptualisation, to development, to the establishment of the body corporate.

What Is Community Strata Management for Developers?

Community or Strata management specifically relates to the day-to-day management and operation of a property that is jointly owned and made up of multiple dwellings, common areas, and facilities.

The process of subdividing property for development necessarily creates a body to deal with common ownership issues and other concerns the owners might have within the development.

When you buy into a Community or Strata complex, you’re purchasing a part of the common property as well as your physical apartment or townhouse. Essentially, you’ll own part of the building, common areas, and facilities.

As you can imagine, there are typically lots of people involved in this process and the owners of a Community Strata plan will meet regularly to make decisions. A Community Strata building will typically hire a professional Strata management company, like Strata Data, to manage the day-to-day matters.

The Strata manager will manage the block and act on behalf of the collective interests of all the owners. They will provide guidance and advice on legal and financial matters as well as acting to resolve issues between owners.

Is There a Difference Between Community Strata title and the Body Corporate?  

Yes, technically speaking there is a difference between the Community Strata title and the body corporate. The Community Strata Title refers to the deed that establishes the legal subdivision.  The body corporate is the term used for the group of owners who collectively own the property.

However, in general day-to-day use, the terms Strata Title, Community Title, and Body Corporate are used interchangeably.

Every owner of a subdivided property owns their lot as well as a proportion of the land, building, and common areas. The proportion of the common property you own is effectively dependant on the unimproved value of your apartment or townhouse.

What is the Body Corporate Committee? 

The committee of the body corporate is an elected subgroup of owners that represent the interests of the entire body corporate. It’s a group of people elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the body corporate, and it administers the everyday running of the property.