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If you ever have the opportunity to walk through our offices and notice an incredibly tidy desk? that’s Pat’s. While this may seem an unusual anecdote to share, the fact is it reflects who he is; a focused, organised and efficient man who’s known for his clear thinking approach to all situations. The ideal traits for an effective Body Corporate Manager! With extensive experience in the building and property industries, Pat brings some welcome ?extras? to the table in assisting his corporations to maintain their appeal and value for the future.

As such a hard working individual you may be forgiven for thinking that Pat is a cold, matter-of-fact individual. In fact the opposite is true; warm and reliable with a huge heart would best describe this man. So when he isn’t working or enjoying a drive in the countryside, you may find him and his wife, Jenny, at a humble little place in the East of Adelaide known as the Hutt Street Centre, quietly speaking with people and generally helping out wherever he can.

Phone: +61 8 (8) 8372 2745

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